Welcome To Guerilla Investing

Hello all! Very excited to be publishing my first blog post! I’m a little old fashioned and I’m not exactly the most computer savvy but I will see if I can make this all work!

Why did I decide to start Guerilla Investing?

Well, I’ve managed my own investments for some time now. To be precise, over 20 years. I’ve seen the investment world evolve from basic phone in trades to the high paced online environment it is buried in today. And to tell you the honest truth, I wish the technology that we have today was around in the late 80s and early 90s. I can’t imagine the returns I would have got!

Anyways. My goal with Guerilla is to simply share with others what I have achieved thus far in my investment “career” you could call it. And for those who are going to ask, no, I am not a trader. I strictly rely on dividend growth stocks and have nearly all of my life. I will list some of the stocks in my portfolio on this page. If I could summarize my investment strategy into one article on the internet without diving into too much detail, it would be Investopedias article on creating a dividend portfolio for young investors. You can view that here.

Getting into the later years of my life, my investment strategy is changing

I’ve maintained a fairly aggressive style of investing throughout my life. But as I get closer to retirement(which by the way, I hope to be at 55) I need to start looking at possibly a more conservative approach in my portfolio. This website will detail my shift in investment strategies and websites I use to help me perform this shift. I am not a professional or an expert by any means, so most of my posts are simply going to be sharing useful articles that I found on the way to modifying and optimizing my investment portfolio

What can you gain by following Guerilla?

It’s pretty simple. You can gain an understanding of what I know and have done for the past 20 years, and follow along with me as I learn even more. The markets are ever changing, and it is simply impossible to keep up with them. That being said, it is possible to be knowledgeable enough to gain a significant advantage in the markets and crush the average return! Let’s do it together!